LinkedIn Speaker Melbourne

LinkedIn Speaker Melbourne

LinkedIn Training for Business

Learn how to navigate the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn. Learn how to manage your professional identity online by building a credible LinkedIn profile, target relevant industry groups, connect with other professionals, review users looking at your profile and generate leads in your target market.

“When it comes to using LinkedIn to get more customers, Nathanial is the expert in Australia. “

Louis Detata, Financial Advisor

Your LinekdIn Profile is the cornerstone of your professional brand, where any visitor is able to access a detailed idea of all the skills, experiences, and interests you bring to the table. It is crucial that you are easily found and your profile accurately displays your brand.

Our industry leading service includes:

Personal Branding

Professional Copywriting

Keyword Research

Keyword Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation

Stand-Out from the Crowd

Profile Banner Design

Corporate Photography

Case Study

The image to the right shows the statistics from a LinkedIn Profile just one week after being optimized by Bibby Consulting.

The results went from zero profile views per day to a staggering 91 profile views per day.

This campaign underwent our 22-Step Profile Optimsation process.

I’ve gone from literally zero profile views to being in the top 2% in my network – in only 7 days!

Lilly Munro

BDM, Digital Marketing


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